Photographer for more than 6 years, Ana KIN, native of Spain, put down her suitcases in Montpellier for two years, attracted by the frame and the dynamism of the city. Formed in prestigious Sorbonne University in the Art History, she then earned her technician's diploma Superior of artistic photography.

Her photographic work was guided by her many trips (Argentina, Holland, Peru) and her will to give to see the reality which surrounds us, under an artistic prism and an informative imperative. Her taste of the portrait reveals a significant authentic, spontaneous and friendly personality of her tendency for the social interest. Her artistic sensibility gives to her work an essential place in themes touching the Man and the urban renewal of which she likes clearing the poetic details. In perpetual quest of sincerity and emotion, she attempts to make of her documentaries photos, the bases of an intimate story and an expression of her felt.

Her practice of the photography evolved over the years, and if at first her passion pushed her towards the argentic, she uses from now the digital technology to navigate in different universes. Indeed, Ana KIN approves "A revival and especially new methods ". Just as these many photo reports depicting alternately diverse universes such as the music, the gastronomy, the architecture and inescapable weddings, Ana wishes to collaborate with the " artists, parents, associations, musicians, schools, sportsmen. After all, every person activates in the culture ".

Since 2014, Ana KIN joined the gallery Arterossa into which she holds her photo lab and works in the exhibition of diverse artists in a concern to promote always the culture, the art but also to grow rich of meetings varied..